Come on in! It's! The repository of all Chris Giddens' Lego © creations. Keep coming back as more stuff will be posted and some old stuff will be added. Feel free to browse and watch the news for SLAM kits to be sold on Bricklink SOON! space.

(04/24/2007)I'm not quite dead...
The addition of FLICKR and the deletion of free time have almost rendered this site dead... but here is a new MOC and hopefully some more updates soon. HAHAHA just noticed the date of the last post here. An annual event to be sure.

(04/24/2006)Where's the new PICS??
Hi all, I've become quite a fan of FLICKR and have started posting pics of Jake and Lego Works in Progress there. No this site isn't dying, it will contain major events and things. Just daily updates and stuff happen there. See my stuff here: FAZOOM

Hi, due to a little boo boo, some of the data from the site went *POOF*. Most of it has been reloaded.

Hello all. My son has been born!!! see details here Jake Pics

Alrighty! Here it goes! For those of you just joining us... HIYA! I do hope you enjoy the site. Thanks to Kyle for bein' an gracious web designer. Thanks to all you folks who visit! Hope you enjoy!


Kyle Keppler:
KSS Cruiser Class
Kyle's latest ship, the Cruiser Class, it's really cool. Check it out. (OOOO it's been years since he built it... but he built the site)
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