"PCS? Pre Classic Space??":

So what is PCS? PCS started in the late 1990 and early 2000 It is an attempt to create a bridge from the Lego themes of Space Port and Life on Mars to future theme of Lego known as Classic Space. Now though the theme is more a style than a storyline, folks seem to know PCS as a retro future space theme. PCS also has a line of heroes known as the Star Rangers. Thanks to all you folks who like the PCS stuff. Keep reading and keep building!!

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My name is Chris Giddens, and I am a normal guy. A southerner by birth, I live in the great state of Georgia. I am married to my dear Melanie and we have a son, Jake, on the way. I am a Christian, and I serve as Childrens Minister at a Baptist Church. Lego is a great hobby for relaxing, but it isn't something I live and die for. I hope you enjoy my site!


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