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Review of Build A Bob set

Lotsa great pieces
Great design
Cool play factors
Old skool building
This is the official LEGO Spongebob "Build a Bob" set. Thanks to Steve Witt who allowed us a first look at this during BrickSouth. He's given me a shot at reviewing this so here goes:

The Set:
As you will see from the following pictures, this is a large chunk of brick building. Apart from the arms, this builds like a set from the 80's. Lotsa basic bricks, lotsa creativity, and mondo fun. There's not alot of "new technique" in this set to learn, BUT gives you plenty of bricks to build something else cool beyond the box.

The Pros:
Lots of bricks
Playablilty (bubble shooter, changing face, rotating eyes)
Interior details
Fine looking model

The Cons:
Ugly Castledude arms
Legs don't move
Sticker for Plankton doesn't hold
Preprinted eyes.

Who's gonna like it?:
Kids: Boys are going to flip. Girls might think it's really cute.
Adult Fans: We played with this set more than the Batman sets we saw a while back. AFOLs will appreciate the bricks and the parts.

Grade: A - Almost perfect, but the arms just gripe me.

LEGO has gotten the balance of "licenced theme" and "creative building" right... FINALLY. The Batman line and the Spongebob line represent a shift in set philosophy as I see it. Giving kids a recognized character, but giving them good bricks while doing so. I love it.