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Krusty Krabb

Here's the third (and cheapest) of the Spongebob sets. It's a good bit of building for a $20 dollar price point. They added alot of play value and provide a good sized model. It's another source for brown and tan bricks, and some nice glass doors in light bley.

The figs are pretty cool. I'm a bit underwhelmed by Mr. Krabbs though... his stubby legs are fine, but his toothy grin and large claws aren't there. Ah well... new aliens are always needed. The plankton 1x1 can is cool. It's NOT a sticker!

The Building itself is nice. Good pieces to build it. Shape is pretty close to the show. An antenna on top would have been cool. I do wish it had windows. The safe and hidden formula in desk deal are cool. The grill/cash register part is nice and spot on to the show. The shooter really doesn't fling the burgers that far.

The dumpster is by far the coolest thing on the model. It's simple, yes, but a nice detail. I can see townies and trainheads plopping these on their displays.

Overall I give this set a B+. Had the Krabby Patties had a round tile instead of a round plate for a bun it might have gotten an A-. I like the set alot, but there's some things that are lacking (not moaning, it's a $20 set).