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Jabba's Sail Barge

I am not a Star Wars fanboy. I tend to build my own thing when it comes to space. I do like SW and lived SW as a kid. But for the most part, SW sets have been parts fodder for my own universe.

I say that to say this: I love this set. It carries the movie model to lego model really well and has tons of play value. It also wasn't a time killer to build (much like the new Star Destroyer playset seems to be). It's a good solid build that teaches snot skills, but isn't a hunt for 3 technic pins in a pile of 1400 bricks.

The Barge itself is good snot/plate buidling. The sails are paper/cloth stuff, that's fine. The play areas are clever and fun and offer open ended play like the old Kenner sets did. No it's not exactly to scale, but it's really nice and packed with detail.

The Skiff is cool with the swing out plank. It doesn't look as good as the first one from a while back, but it's cool.

The pit is a cool addition and fun to have with the model. It doesn't really eat figs, but it's cool looking and THANK THE MAKER it's something you build.

Speaking of pre-molded pieces of dump, Jabba is the same as he has been. Yeah there's probably nothing else they could have done with thim, but it's still a lump of plastic with eyes.

All in all I give this a solid A. Great building, Good parts, and stickers that actually ain't half bad.