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Bikini Bottom

Here's the new Bikini bottom set. This is a good set overall, with some great brick moments... and some not so great SPUD moments.

The set has good figs. The figs will probably be a prob for some fans, but I like the way they're done. Characters done in Lego, not over specialized figs. The Spongebob fig probably will get some gripes, but I like the printed overlay piece. I don't see another way without a complicated mold. Patrick has a new noggin shape... I can see that shape being a tooth in a creator set one day. Squidward is just a fig, and I'm cool with that.

There's lots of playablity with this, as well as good brick building. Spongebob's house itself is a great build that's ALL BRICK AND PLATES. And orange feast. There's a basketball goal in it. The spring loaded bed is hilarious.
The other two houses are BURPS and SPUDs (one use pieces). However, I love Patrick's house with the little TV. spot on.

There's shooters in it for some reason. I guess kids need to fling things. (my 15 month old would agree). They're fun though and brick built.

Patrick's little car has a pullback motor and is so fun to see zip around. All together this makes a pretty neat display that kids in my neighborhood love to play with... even the 30 year old ones.

My wife loves this set too. She things girls who like Spongebob will love playing house with all the parts. I informed her "boys don't play house" and shot her with a purple jellyfish thingy.