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Batcave Set

Best set of the new bunch. Lots of parts, lots of playablity, lots of cool stuff... Now before you go complaining... I didn't have the robin fig or the penguin fig for these photos. They're in Canada on a secret mission. They're cool figs too. So when you say "man this set has everything" then think, OH and it comes with 2 more figs.

The construction of this set as a modular deal is nice. The main 3 sections are connected with walkways. The platforms for the vehicle are modular too. The Batwing stand will fit right into this and the Batmobile will fit on the rotating deal.

There's a lot of detail that Batfans will love. The little dino is cool (see the comics for the big dino). Nice little nods like that and the ninja sword show the designers did their Bat-homework.

The sled is nice and batty. The sub is cool (and all brick) and Mr. Freeze is the best! I'll get a better shot of him (now that I'm realizing I don't have one as I write this). He's probably the best fig in the bunch.

There's much to see in this set. It's well worth the $$ in my opinion!

Grade A+