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Air Fortress 3828

Ok, so here is a set that's not space, but is from an anime type fantasy cartoon. Not my normal cup of joe, but the toon is kinda fun from what I've seen and has a pretty rich story line and all that. The kiddos like it. Folks have wondered if LEGO doing this new toon will be another Galidor crash and burn. In a word, no. Galidor was never popular and never became popular. Avatar is right behind Spongebob in popularity with boys on Nick. Good story, good adventures, good call for LEGO. And, there's not Avatar toys on the shelves yet, so LEGO gets a jump on em.
The set is a good sized build with 4 figs and a big eared squirel thing that's pretty fun to build and loaded with good bits. There's lots of shooters for the good guys and the badguys and a well rounded playset when all together.
The main structure is semi BURPy. There are two rock burps on it, but they are actually there for rocks. The main buidling is fairly bricky with good curves and slopes rounding out the structure. The door is a technic bit to built, but nothing complicated.
The figs are spot on to the ones in the show. Their armor and weapons are standard LEGO bits. Castle boys will like the torsos and helmets. I like the fact that the builders took time to put white tiles and slopes on it for snow.
The weapons include the standard swords and axes, but a couple of shooters are there too. The new disk flinger is kinda cool. It doesn't shoot as well as I imagined. If one disk is in there it shoots well. If there is a stack in there, it kinda doesn't.

Overall I give the set a B. A little burpy and the new shooter leaves some to be desired. Granted it's more castle than my style, that might have hurt opinion. I'd suggest it to spacers though, you can never have enough tan in space.