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Avatar Fire Nation Ship

Back in the world of Avatar... This is the Fire Nation Attack ship set. In a word, its brick... a WHOLE heap of brick! Tons of basic brick in dark bley, wedges in dark bley, black plates, and those grated bricks in red. It was a fun build. One of the biggest frustrations was the pace of the instructions. Some steps were 4 plates and on to the next page, some were lots of bricks. I'd prefer steps with a picture of all bricks for the step and a bunch of bricks per number. But that's me.

The ship itself is big chunk. I loved building it. It was old school feeling. Some will think it's squareish in it's design. I think, "THANK MURPHY IT'S NOT a BOAT HOLE SPUD."

The details were quite nice, but as a whole kinda basic. The rooms in the ship have some spare stuff in them. But that may allow kids to add their own things in there. There are cool things like a boiler room with coals in it, but there are rooms like the bridge with a piddly wheel and nothing else.

The little skiff boat thingy is WAY underbuilt. It needs like a couple detail bricks to finish it out. It does have some great pieces though.

Figs are actually lacking as well. As per Star Wars syndrome, Avatar fans will have more main character fig copies than they do bad guy minions. I have more Lukes than Stormtroopers... that ain't right.

Overall, I like it. It's a bulk pack of bley, and since that's the new way of things, then that's the new way. It get's a B+ due to some lack of details.

(oh, by the way, the pic of the ship on teh cover has round tiles on top of the smoke stacks, the model doesn't.)